IPod iTouch

I recently bought the iPod iTouch 8GB. My local Apple Store had a program where you could bring in your old iPod (I had one of the older version Nano) and they would give you 10% discount on your new purchase.

One of the coolest features on the iTouch is the Apple Apps. Amazing Apps - business, finance, fitness and my absolute fav - games.

1. Labyrinth Lite Edition
This was the first app I downloaded - it is free. It consists of 10 different levels, and is a very cool "pin ball" with a cool (and ultra sensitive) tilt mechanism. Easy to use, and addictive. Score: free, easy, good graphics, but simple. ***

2. Wikipanion
You need to make sure you have your WiFi access for this one. I haven't had much time to review this. So review pending. (o did I mention that it is free?)

3. Space Monkey (free)
Simple touch screen technology makes the space monkey spin and grab space junk, and avoid the nasty batteries. Not bad, also easy to use. Graphics are cute, but average. ***

4. Sudoku Lite (free version) www.mmggames.com
Easy to use, clear simple graphics. Also ***

5. Shanghai Free
Took a while to "get" what this is about. Nice graphics, although some times the pieces are too small to see. Again ***

6. Facebook App - Review pending

7. Chimps Ahoy
There is a Chimps Ahoy Lite (the free version) and Chimps Ahoy (pay $2.99) Trouble is I can't remember which one I got. I think I may have paid the $2.99. This is ultra cute, cool use of touch screen technology. Ultra addictive. Score: ****

8. Toy Bot Diaries
There is a free version or you can pay $3.99. I spent the bucks. There are some downsides - it gets annoying that there are "loading" breaks between the different actions. I have only managed to get to the 2nd level. The controls take a little getting used to, but once you are familiar with them this really is an amazing use of iTouch technology. To move the Bot tilt the iPod. Touch metal objects to hoist the bot and tap for free fall. Bot also can have his boots magnetised - handy if you want to carry some spare change. I am still a little mystified at some of the functions - what is the function of "memory" and "chapters"? Still a little bit in the dark. Score - very cool, instructions/ how to would be helpful. ****

9. Flick Bowling
This is quite fun for 99 cents.

I am a very bad bowler in real life. And I am about the same with this app. But it is fun, and I don't have to worry about ultra heavy bowls, or smelly shoes.
Score ***

10. Motor Chaser
I bought this one also for 99 cents. I am a disaster with motor race games. I was convinced to buy by some interesting reviews and I also wanted to see the technology in action. Very cool

11. Mouse About.
Buy for $2.99. I've just started with this. Very cute. Mouse has a huge appetite, and you have to watch out for the cat. SCore ***

12. Gaia
Cost: $2.99. Also a free version
Review Pending

Other app I am still test driving is the Edibles - Health and Lifestyle app - supposed to be a calory/ carb/ point counter for stuff you eat, and whether you exercise. I also picked up a pay for version of Sudoku called Amazing Sudoku. Graphics are super super cool. Haven't done a run yet. Review to come.

Just got back from the Apple store...

Kevin and I went to the Apple store today. Our main mission was to find out why my iPod and earphone jack connection wasn't working properly. Well we ended up purchasing an iMac and finding out that nothing was wrong with the iPod. We are now taking it through its paces, and so far (first 20 minutes) I am extremely impressed with our newest addition.