Battlestar Galactica (April 25)

This was a very cool episode.

I didn't blog about last week's episode because I couldn't believe that vacant eyed Callie got airlocked. Bad Tory.

What I liked about this episode is that it looked at how the Final 4 cyclons are dealing with this sudden and shocking identity crisis. Chief fraks up and just wants someone to tell him he frakked up. He seems to go beserk when they sympathise and call him "only human". What great irony. Tory is just scary. She seems to have embraced her new identity. It seems to have liberated her from normal (and moral) human constraints. Tigh is drawn to Six-in-the-Brig Aka Caprica Six. Beautiful scenes between Six, Tigh and Ellen (vision of). What is interesting is that Six and Athena don't seem to be able to recognize the new cylons. Interesting. Only the raiders could sense them. Fascinating. Very little on Kara and her band of merry men. Which is good. This episode didn't need it.

Baltar is as always excellent. I loved the scene where ChipSix has to literally lift him up to get pummeled by the marines who are blocking his quarters.

The scenes between Roslin and Adama - are great. There is such tenderness between these two crusty old warriors.

American Idol...

Poor Carly got voted off this week after deciding that "Jesus Christ Superstar" was more her. I thought her performance was awful - really screechy, and the back up singers seemed to over power her. Brooke seems destined for an onscreen nervous breakdown. But I still love her. I thought it was dangerous to stop and then restart the song. I spent the entire song in clenched nerve mode. I thought that David C's performance was wonderful. The guy can sing. I started off the season hating him - too smug by far! But I've really started to like his performances. Right now, he doesn't need American Idol. He is ready to make his record. David A is so annoying. I love the talent, but no personality. Not a tiny little drop. Jason Castro is in his own world. He has a nice mellow sound to him. I don't think he is the next Idol, but he could make a record. Sayesha gave her best performance. Finally the girl is showing great voice + personality.

Next week Neil Diamond. O dear.

Who I think should go next? I think Brooke is in danger. But I think Sayesha is going to go next. I hope that David A would go. But that will not happen.

My picks for the final 2? David Cooke, and Jason Castro. (I chose Jason because I can't bear David A!)

Battlestar Galactica Season 4 Episode 2

I couldn't wait for the next episode of Season 4.

I think I am a bit disappointed.

The Starbuck / Roslin confrontation was okay. I really didn't expect Starbuck to be killed this early on, so the sound of the gun shot really didn't do much for me... I kind of guessed that Roslin would miss. The internal politics of the Cylons, and the mini coup that Six brings was mildly interesting. I wonder how this story line is going to play out - Cylons being "gods" and giving the Centurions "reason"? Playing "god" and taking away the Raider's reason.... Mmmm Methinks the Cylons are committing the same mistakes as mankind. When will they ever learn?

The best part of the entire episode was the scene with Baltar & Tory. And then all of a sudden in pops HeadBaltar. Hilarious. I love having Baltar around. He really brings in comic relief. He is such a lowlife.

I thought the fight between Adama and Roslin was great - two people being really cruel to each other. Yep. That's human nature alright.

The Lee farewell scenes were really over done. I felt it was just filling in the time.

And then Adama sends off Starbuck with Helo and a few people to go find Earth...

Come on now - I expect better than this.

Battlestar Galactia - Season Premier

So the long awaited BSG Season 4 premiered on Friday. I Tivo'd the show and watched it twice.
Television Without Pity Forums were immediately busy.

My thoughts?

Okay so now Kara aka Starbuck returns from the who knows where telling everyone that she has seen Earth and she can take them there. Small problem - everyone saw her viper blow up in "Maelstrom". Another small problem - it has been 3 months since her "death" yet Starbuck says she has only been gone for 6 hours. Also - her viper is spotless, brand new in fact. No way it is the same ship.

All are deeply suspicious. Roslin especially - who feels that Starbuck is a Cylon and has been from the beginning.

The Final 4 of the Final 5 are still wrestling with their Humlon status. I would be too. Very cool the Anders/ Raider eye contact scene. Now the Cylons know - the final 5 are amongst the fleet. Very odd that it has taken them 4 seasons to figure that out. Maybe they only can sense the final 5 after they have been triggered. Seems a bit of a stretch. But then why can't Athena/ Sharon sense them? Maybe she is "contaminated" with having giving birth to a child. Very odd. But then who or what triggered the final 4? The creators do have some explaining to do.

I thought Baltar's scenes were hilarious. He is really very good at playing the Prophet/ Messiah role. I think he really can't believe that people are so stupid to think that he is anything religious being a completely unreligious person. But his scenes with the dying/ sick child were surprising. Many commentators in the Forums didn't like this story thread. I didn't find it out of place. I thought it brought a little bit of comic relief to the whole mind bending Kara Returned from the Dead story. It is also interesting to see human religious zealotry intermingling with Cylon (there is only one god) Zealotry.

The Dream sequence with Col Tigh made me want to scream - I really thought it was actually happening. Interesting echo of the Sharon/Boomer shooting of Adama. But this time the cylon resists his programming. I do hope the creators continue to explore these themes of free choice/ free will.

Can't wait for next episode.

Battlestar Galactica - Season 4

April 4th is D- day for the final season, season 4 of BG. Can't wait.
Last night on the science fiction channel they had 2 back to back 30 minute shows to talk about BG season 4 (no spoilers) and BG the Phenomenon.
I can't wait to see how the final 4 cylon models are going to deal with their new found cylon- dome. What is Kara Thrace? She died in the last season, and then came back. Is she the final cylon model? Remember there are 12 cylon models. Does she really know where Earth is? Is she really going to lead the fleet back to earth? And what happened to her when her ship got destroyed? How can a ship get destroyed, and then she comes back with a new ship? Where did she get it from? Very odd. What is her destiny? To be savior or humanity's destroyer?

Hurry up April 4th.

In the meantime I have Season 1 pack of DVD's to watch and all the reruns on the Scifi channel.

Can't wait.

American Idol

One show that signals the coming of spring is American Idol.

We have finally reached the top 10 with this week Chikezie being the one to go home. Now we are down to the final 9. My absolute favorite is Brooke. I just love her - she has a great personality, and a gorgeous easy to listen to voice. Not sure if she'll make the final 3 - but hope so.

I actually enjoyed the Rocker Boy's version of Billie Jean. And I don't even like him - I think he is just too smug and too precious.


You will have probably guessed by now that I would be devastated if my TiVo OR my television packed up or was taken away from me. I know that as a form of entertainment it is pretty low on the totem pole. I mean, read a book, do some exercise, solve a mystery.

My favorite summertime shows are:

1. Hells Kitchen. I adore Gordan Ramsey. I love the way he tells it like it is. He can be a real B***. But when he is being nice, he is angelic. He also doesn't put up with bad quality in the kitchen. I hope that when I eat out that the chef is guarding the quality in his kitchen the way Ramsey does. But maybe only a certain establishment cares whether the food is hot, or cooked properly. We are now down to the final 2 - Rock and the Nanny with the Palate. I think Rock should win. But he seems to lack something when it comes to the execution. My favorite was Julia, the waffle house cook, who just out shone all the culinary school snobs. Super.

2. So You Think You Can Dance?
This is an amazing show. This season the quality of performers and choreographers is outstanding. I will definitely get tickets if they bring the show to Denver. My favorite men right now? Pasha and Danny. My favorite girls? Sabra. I don't like Lacey. I know she is technically good, but I think she lacks emotional depth. Although last night was her best performance - I rather liked her as a mannequin. Tonight is the results show. The man to leave? Must be Neil. Don't like what he does with his shoulders. The girl to leave? Lauren.

3. Design Star
This is an HGTV show that has just begun for this season. I love watching as the characters compete to become the next Design Star. Some of their designs are just atrocious. Style is definitely in the eye of the beholder.

4. The Next Food Network Star
This has ended with my favorite Gourmet Next Door. I do also watch Top Chef as well. I rather enjoyed this one, and look forward to next season.

From the above you can see as certain theme here - mostly competitive reality shows. I've gone off Big Brother and those kinds of set ups. Design and food are my favorite things to watch.