Cat Blogging

Some time ago I blogged about our new adopted fur person, Maddy. At the time Maddy was not sufficiently settled in to pose for a photograph - the photos ended up being blurry, or she would obstinately keep her eyes shut. At long last Maddy has consented to a proper portrait.

This morning Kevin and I were in our study web surfing when I noticed Maddy being very interested in a box we had on top of a filing cabinet. It held Kevin's winter gloves and mittens and was nicely positioned in the sun.

The next thing we knew, Ms Maddy had settled herself in the box for a nice nap in the sun. Ahh, a cat's life...



Today we took the plunge and adopted a 5 year old female seal point siamese called Maddy.

We didn't expect today to be the day. Since Felix died we could not picture ourselves ever replacing him. But then I started thinking... we had already given a home to a rescue cat, it seemed a pity to waste it.

So today Kevin checked the Boulder Valley Humane Society website to see whether any cats fitting our needs was available. That is when we found Maddy. Kevin immediately called me. What did I think?

I made a call and found out that Maddy was still there with no holds on her. She had been given to the Humane Society by her family. Apparently she had belonged to these people's daughter who had become sick and unable to care for her.

We filled out paperwork. We were shown into the catery where Maddy waited for us. We then had our first introduction with Maddy and one of the pet counsellors. We fell in love with this fur person.

And it wasn't long before Maddy was riding with us in our car home (to a very messy house.)

To her family her gave her up: Maddy is in a good home.  We will take good care of her...

Here is the link to the Human Society in Boulder.