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2023 Friday Poetry Challenge

2022 Year in Review

Another year has rolled by. It was quite a year. 

I began 2022 with my dear mom in ICU. She had to have emergency surgery, and I don't think anyone thought she would make it. Amazingly enough she did. I would go in to sit with her every day. I decided to teach myself to knit. And I gave myself the task of teaching myself to knit socks. There is something about the action of knitting that I found soothing. Then the first 4 months of 2022 were spent assisting my mom in her recovery. The milestones were - weaning her off the respirator, - then transitioning her to the post-surgery ward. Then it was getting her to eat again. Solid foods. Walking. Nursing home, Assited Living and then finally home. It was long and it was slow. 

My dearest husband after receiving his diagnosis for stage 2 prostate cancer had to undergo his radiation. Another milestone was reached when we went to his last and final treatment. 

My writing is my joy, and my escape.  

This was a year of firsts

  • I attended my first ever writing conference here in my hometown. It was magical. I felt as though I had found my tribe.
  • I attended my first ever children's writers conference.
  • I joined a critique group.
  • I received my first ever editorial review.
  • I received my first ever Kirkus review.
  • I was interviewed on my first podcast. 

2022 was certainly a year filled with milestones and firsts. Like the first-year anniversary of my Daddy's passing. 

Here is the illustration for book cover for The Coyote King, Book 5 in the Adventures of Caitlin & Rio. Claudie did an amazing job. I am so grateful for this collaboration.