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2014 Year in Review

I cannot believe how fast this year has flown by!

Why does it feel as though every year seems to go by so quickly? I think all we can ask is "was this a good year, or not?"

My answer is a resounding "yes!"

What does it take to have a great year?

Great health - check, we have that.

Each other - check, we have that.

Great experiences - check, we have that. We traveled to Costa Rica, and have become inspired to travel and explore further. But mostly we know that we don't have to travel far to have experiences. The good stuff can happen right here at home!

Employment. Both of us have jobs. And with employment comes the means to pay the bills and the mortgage, and it also gives us a path to F.I.

This year we rediscovered the little things; like the beauty of the haiku, playing ping pong, and puzzles.

Good bye 2014. A good year!