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I have never been snorkeling before. Before we left for Costa Rica I managed to get a snorkeling mask with prescription lenses. So at least if I managed to put my head under the water, that at least I would be able to see. That was the plan. 

The second excursion we had planned was a trip to Cano Island, for some snorkeling.

We left after a great breakfast. The excursion was via boat, about a 45 minute trip.

In addition to those guests that would be snorkeling we had some guests that were scuba diving. I am rather intimidated by the whole idea of scuba diving. But it was fascinating to watch the divers get into their gear, and then back flip into the water from the boat. Then once our boat was in position it was our (the snorkelers) turn to get into the water. It was hilarious. We were provided fins, and snorkel gear (except for my mask) and float vests. For my first time I wanted to simply "float". It was hilarious trying to get off the boat, and into the water. Not very elegant. I then adjusted my mask, bit into my snorkel tube, and simply put my head under the water. It was MAGICAL! I could see! (Please remember that any time I go swimming I take off my glasses. So I really don't like swimming, especially in the sea, because I can't see anything. But with prescription lenses in my mask, I could see!) I could see very interesting rocks, and fish of all shapes and colors darting, and drifting around. The water was a beautiful blue. Clear and gorgeous. I could feel the ebb and flow of the tide/ current. I started to relax.

That was not a good idea. Because it was so beautiful, and I was so relaxed, I forgot a small little very important fact! You are not supposed to breathe through your nose. It tends to result in a suffocating, panicky feeling.

Not a nice feeling at all.

Since I was feeling so panicky (breathing is really not an optional activity) and I had drunk some of the Pacific, I immediately signaled Kevin, and our snorkel master. As I couldn't quite calm down, we signaled the boat which came over to collect us. (Not being able to stand, probably added to the general panic.)

Well, getting into the boat proved to be even more difficult, and awkward. I got the giggles. I really felt terribly sorry for our poor captain. He had to haul me out... I think he wished for a harpoon and a net! I have absolutely no upper body strength!

We waited for the rest of the snorkelers, who soon came over, and then we went to fetch the scuba divers. We made our way to the rangers station to rest up, and to fill up the tanks. We just sat on the beach and watched the sea (very calming.) Then it was time to go out again.

I decided that I wanted to try this again. I didn't want my first and only experience to finish on a negative note.

Again the scuba divers were dropped off first, and then it was the turn of the snorkelers. Again, a very inelegant jump off the boat (will I ever be graceful?) The captain made sure that my mask and snorkel tube was adjusted correctly, and Kevin and I were good to go.

Kevin had mounted his GoPro on his head, and he filmed the whole thing. (I was too busy concentrating on NOT breathing through my nose.) It was MAGICAL. We floated above a marvelous rock/ reef formation, whose edge just seemed to disappear into the blue. I just loved it.


We had a marvelous second swim. I was very proud of myself for facing my fears. It was most empowering. I am hooked. I can't wait for my next snorkeling adventure!

After we collected the rest of the snorkelers, and the scuba divers, we went back to ranger station. Our guides prepared a most amazing picnic, which we ate while watching the Pacific. The lodge provided towels, which was very useful.


The photo above is of the Ranger Station. There are no restrooms.


This is the view as we ate our picnic lunch.


 We had some monkey business before the weather started to turn.


Our guides packed up the picnic, and we were soon on board our boat and heading back to the lodge. We passed through some choppy seas, and some rain (but we were already wet) before getting to the coastline, and then to the Lodge's inlet.

What a satisfying day! We were exhausted, and really glad to get back to our beds for a siesta!

We had booked only 3 nights at the Aguila de Osa. I think this place deserves at least 5 nights. We were due to depart for our next adventure at La Fortuna/ Arenal the following day.

I absolutely loved the Osa Peninsula and our stay at the Aguila de Osa Lodge. I highly recommend this. This area is not developed, and is a little more challenging than the usual tourist places to get to. But it is amazing, and well worth the effort. I definitely plan a return visit!