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After an incredible first day in Costa Rica, we woke early, had a scrumptious, filling breakfast, and were ready to depart for our first excursion at 6:45am. We boarded a boat with a number of other couples and made our way south hugging the coast line to the Corcovado National Park. We had a wet landing at the Ranger station, and made our way to it to sign in, and visit the bathrooms. 

Our guide's name was Tony.

We began the hike by crossing the river (about knee high) and took some time to dry off and put our shoes back on. Hiking shoes are really not needed, but ordinary running shoes came in handy. I wouldn't hike in sandals - too many creepy crawlies, and biting critters.

Tony told us that we would start the hike by walking along the beach.


It was slightly overcast, which made it only slightly cooler (or that is what we told ourselves.)


Here is our group hiking along the beach.


We found this beautiful orchid. Tony told us that it is only pollinated by one species of bats.


While hiking on the beach we saw ...


... Common Black/ Mangrove Hawk.


... heron.


 ... howler monkeys...

We went back to the Ranger station for a pit stop and our group changed into their swimsuits, we hiked to see the waterfall, and then had a swim in the smaller water fall pool.


There is the larger waterfall where swimming is not recommend.

There is a small crocodile in the pool directly upstream of our swimming pool.


This is where we swam.


After our swim we returned to the Ranger Station.


While we rested up there were hundreds and hundreds of hermit crabs...

like this one...


Our guide prepared a great picnic lunch which we ate at one of the picnic tables with this magnificent view...


After our picnic lunch, we made our way back to our boat for the trip back to the lodge. We were glad to get back, to shower and change and to have a much needed nap.


 After a delicious appetizer, and mixer, we had dinner, and were met for our night tour with the Bug Lady.

I had read great reviews about the Bug Lady Night Tours, and decided to give it a try. I had emailed Tracie before arriving in Costa Rica, and scheduled a night tour for the night of Friday, August 1st. We were met at 7:45 pm at the Lodge, and were taken for approximately 2.5 hours on a night tour into another world. We met all kinds of spiders, reptiles, frogs, and found a sleeping possum and hummingbird. It was a riveting 2.5 hours!



This photo (above) was taken by Kevin.


We were given head lights with both white and red lights.


 We got back to the Lodge around 10:30pm, and were glad to shower, and crawl into bed. Tomorrow we had an early wake up, and another adventure.