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Kenya Part 3 and final thoughts

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Our driver Samson fetched us from Archer's Post that morning. On the way out I took this quick picture, not realizing that two men had walked into the photo...


On the way back to Nairobi (about a 5 hour trip) it was interesting to watch the changing landscape.


And I got another view of Mt Kenya...


How beautiful!

As we approached Nairobi, our driver Samson told us that he wanted to buy some banana's for his children. He warned us not to open our windows, and I was prepared for the photo. People sell all kinds of things on the side of the road. (I mentioned earlier the roadside nurseries, which fascinated me, but there were also hawkers for fruit, and other goods.) We watched in some amusement where stationary cars are blanketed with hopeful sellers. Here Samson quickly seals the deal, and buys his bananas, and he is quick to wind up his windows, and start the car moving.


Nairobi traffic is notorious. It really has to be seen to be believed. Below are two photographs that really don't capture the traffic. The first is a photo of the traffic during the day on our way to various meetings that we had in Nairobi, and the second photo is a night shot as we sat in grid lock for what felt like hours...




I guess if you are planning any time in Nairobi, prepare for traffic. Leave plenty of time to get where you are going (and no an hour is not enough time!)

I was also intrigued by the contrasts in Kenya. Below are two photos that I thought portrayed these contrasts quite well. The first photo I am going to call "Nairobi Glass" ...


This is a typical glass skyscraper that could be in any city in the world. The next photo I am going to call "Construction"...


We visited (very briefly) United States International University

and University of Nairobi. (I believe we were at the North Campus?)

This photo is taken at the USIU... I believe the building in it, is the library. (Ever since I was a child I have always loved libraries.)


And this photo is inside that library...


 The photo below is at the University of Nairobi...


Once we had finished with our meetings, we need a place to simply hang before battling traffic to get to the airport to catch our flight home (via Heathrow.) Samson, our driver, took us to do some curio shopping (at my request) and then to a great place for a cup of tea. I had some fun haggling over my items. I bought Kevin a gorgeous beaded belt, and a few odds and ends that could fit in my suitcase. The place Samson took us, was perfect. It was so nice to simply sit outside, sipping our tea, and chatting. Below is a picture of Samson, and my colleague, (and traveling companion) Laura.


I call this photo... "Smiles are for free..."

Samson was a fabulous driver, and I would certainly recommend him to anyone who needs a reliable driver in Kenya. He is also an incredibly patient Swahili teacher.

Would I want to return to Kenya? Absolutely, yes.

This was a very intense week in Kenya. And yes, I was there for work. But it made me think how lucky students are to have these experiences. It also made me want to do more travel. Not the tourist trap kind - I really don't simply want to experience the resort experience, or the shopping experience, or the cruise experience (no offense, whatever floats your boat.) I want to see beautiful places, but I think that there should be something more. I want connection.