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The Kenya adventure continues...

While staying in Nanyuki we accompanied a group of graduate students to the Daraja Academy. We arrived in two vehicles.


I found it hot, and really felt that I was truly at the equator. (Of course, I was told several times that this time of year (Late May/ early June) is NOT the hot season.)


The photo above was the entrance to Daraja. The day we visited was a national holiday, so no classes. But we went to the veggie garden to help the girls. I use "we" under advisement. I have never been at the best of times very good at weeding (see my back yard) and I felt keenly my lack! I felt as though I was on Survivor - the one person most likely to be voted off the Island (or as someone commented, I would not be any threat to anyone, so would not want to be voted off the island.)


The students jumped right in, helping the girls, and practicing (or learning) their Swahili.

Afterwards, we joined the girls for lunch.


And after lunch we had a tour of the school.


 And this is a lab...


I loved the message on this wall...


After a tour, we ended up witnessing a school debate!


 The next day we headed off to Archers Post, Samburu to join up with our group of undergraduates. I noticed as we drove north that the surroundings got noticeably dryer, and the trees thornier.


 We spent one night at the Umoja Women's Village Camp site. I had a hut with electricity, a toilet and a shower. This is the interior of my hut...


Here are some other photo's of the camp site...


The photo above is a photo facing east overlooking the river, and the dining/ bar area.



 This is a photo of my hut.

After we got settled, we went to the Umoja's Women's village to visit. We were welcomed with song and dancing.


and we had a tour...


We went into the beading hut to be taught how to bead, and watch the women beading.


I found another thing that I was not very good at... another thing to be voted off the Island for (or not, depending on your point of view...)


I bought some curios made by the women, including a beautiful neck piece.

We were lucky enough to go on a game drive in the Samburu Nature Reserve. We stopped at the Women's Village to collect some of the children. They were so excited. 


They took it in turns to pose with our sunglasses. It was great to be in the bush and to see the animals.



I was so excited to see this Gerenuk (the first time I had ever seen one in the wild.)


They are beautiful!!! What a lovely long neck.



Look at these amazing giraffes. I also saw a Grevy's zebra - my first one.


From a distance they look like grey donkeys, the stripes are so thin and close together.

Then we saw a mother cheetah and two cubs, posing for us on an anthill. A real National Geographic moment.


I wanted to capture the surroundings. This is very like South Africa.


And then we saw this beautiful leopard up a tree.


 Absolutely stunning...


Heaven on earth...

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