Taste of Fort Collins - June 9th, 2013
Friday Poetry: Haiku # 791, by Richard Wright

Greeley: Greeley Freight Station Museum

Over Fathers Day, my mom and dad spent the weekend with us. Kevin and I had found the Greeley Freight Station Museum in one of our many mini road trips. We had almost convinced ourselves that we had taken my parents there. Luckily we asked them, and since neither of them had been we decided that we owed another visit.


Even if you are not a train buff, even if you have only the most remotest of interest in trains, I still highly recommend this museum. We spent a wondeful satisfying couple of hours.


There was so much to look at. Look out for the bald eagles, the skunk scaring the picknickers and , the occasional bear frightening a kayaker or two! The attention to detail is truly amazing!