Friday Poetry: Ozymandias, by Percy Bysshe Shelley
Friday Poetry: This is Just To Say, by William Carlos Williams

Friday Poetry: Raven's Last Dream, by Red Hawk


Raven was in a deep sleep,
dreaming the world. He saw things
and they happened, He dreamed things
and they came to life. He hardly knew
where to begin or what to do

once the world was. At last He understood
Fodder's dilemma. It troubled Him,
made Him restless, disturbed His sleep.
Then the terrible thing happened:
He had a thought.

Everything dream? He wonder.
Then the worst thing happened:
He had another thought, one thought
following the other.
Who dreaming Raven? He wonder and

this woke Him up.
He looked up, He looked down, He
looked all around.
Don't know, He say and
He couldn't get back to sleep.