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Friday Poetry: Blinded by Rainbows, by the Rolling Stones

2013 Challenge

Each year I have set myself a challenge. In 2010 we had the Photo A Day Challenge (and I am still promising myself that I will create a photo book from all the wonderful photos), then we had the 2011 eat less, move more challenge - again I have a year's worth of photos of food that I ate. Some how I don't see a photo book of all the food (and snacks) that I have eaten. Then there was the 2012 10,000 step a day challenge. While I have worn a pedometer for about 2 years now, the trusty pedometer has given up the ghost, but I have least learnt to know what 10,000 steps a day feel like. I continue to walk when ever I can just to get my steps in.

The other day I was having lunch with a colleague who asked me eagerly what my 2013 challenge was going to be?

I hadn't really thought that through.

And then I thought of what I wanted to do this year, and I realized you really don't need a January 1st to decide to set some things in motion. So here goes...

1. Declutter and get more organized. I have been following loosely the January Cure on Apartment Therapy (one of my favorite blogs of all time.) I have decided to do a January Cure - but instead do it in March (not February - it is a short month.)

2. Read more poetry

I used to love reading poetry. I have decided that Friday is Poetry day. Poems are like old friends. I am also including the lyrics to songs. I am looking forward to visiting old friends, and discovering new ones.

3. Enjoy Life

We get so caught up in the day to day living. I am going to make a conscious effort to slow it down, and take the time to enjoy every precious moment.