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Eustis Sausage Festival - Nebraska

Many years ago Kevin and I were roadtripping as we like to do, and we found ourselves in Eustis, Nebraska. We were drawn to this town by it's cheerful sign proclaiming it the "Sausage Capital of Nebraska." Who can resist that name? Back then we visited the town, and found it quiet, and deserted, with posters adverstizing the Annual Wursstag Festival, which had been the day before. Since that time, we vowed that we needed to go back to experience the Eustis Annual Wursstag Festival.

As luck would have it, the Wursstag falls over the same period as my mom's birthday. This year we decided that we were going to Wursstag and why not take mom with us!

So we left Friday and drove to Cozad, Nebraska in preparation for Saturday's festival. As we had four drivers it went quickly. Mom and Dad have never been to Nebraska, so this was new for them. We had booked accomodation at the Rodeway Inn in Cozad. We got in quite late, so we were glad to have accomodation.

Downtown Cozad


Cozad mural...


Robert Henri Museum


On Saturday we explored downtown Cozad. We drove to Eustis for a quick lunch, and a look see to determine status of the Festival. It was extremely hot and very windy. We quickly determined that the best time was to come back that afternoon, after a nice afternoon nap. So we quickly went back to our motel in Cozad for a nice long nap.

We woke up fully rested, and made our way back to Eustis. There we looked at the car show, and had a wonderful german meal served by the local Lion's Club. We sat in the shade of the beer garden trying to think cool thoughts and listened to the polka band.

Eustis car show..


Der Wurst Haus


Polka Band


The Polka Band was much better than the Rumbles, who spent hours setting up, but were so loud the scared us away.

They were selling deserts to raise funds for various Eustis improvement projects. Heaven on a plate.


Sunday we went to the Green Apple Cafe, Cozad to have a breakfast birthday for mom.


Birthday breakfast...


We went back to our motel, and checked out. We drove back home via Cottonwood canyon road, just for the fun of it.