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2012 Challenge - 10,000 step a day

I just thought I'd report in on progress with our 2012 Challenge. Kevin, my mom and dad and I have been diligently counting our steps with our pedometers. I have been quite impressed. No one has dropped off - (probably because we are quite a competitive family.)

The wonderful unusually warm spring that we are currently enjoying I think lends itself to being active and outside. We are really enjoying our new house - sitting on the back porch and listening to the sounds of spring - We can hear robins, and finches singing, and the unmistakeable sound of red wing black birds. I love spring.

Right now I am averaging 4 out 7 days of steps in excess of 10,000. If I get too busy at work, I have to remind myself to take a quick 20 minutes. The campus is starting to green up, and the trees are starting to blossom. Then, I try and schedule meetings away from my office so I can walk to those venues. Its amazing how those steps add up. Then I can come home, and Kevin and I will do a quick walk around our neighborhood.

It's also very encouraging to see Mom and Dad thinking of ways to be active. Dad is trying to do extra so that he can have more steps than Mom. Very amusing.

1939 Zenith Radio Console

I've always wanted one of those vintage radio consoles. I think they are wonderful interest pieces. A couple of weeks ago after browsing numerous consignment/ vintage stores we found a vintage radio that both Kevin and I liked. This one was in excellent condition, and had really wonderful lines.

This Zenith is model 7-s-363, and we are lucky to find a number of articles and photos about this model, and about restoration of this radio. See TubeRadioLand

 Kevin has a nice photo of it on his blog.