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Superbowl XLVI (Giants vs Patriots) Ad Round Up

Underdog NY Giants beat out Tom Brady's Patriots in a very exciting last couple of minutes. I think the Patriots outfoxed themselves with allowing the Giant touchdown in the last heart beats of the game. Brady was unable to turn things around.

As for the ads this year, they did not disappoint. In years past the car ads have not been worth very much comment, but this year they really surprised.

Best Car Ad:

First Place : Audi "Daylight in a headlight". Vampires party it up, until vampire driving the new audi arrives to "let the party begin" only he inadvertantly destroys the vamp partygoers. Nice and edgy, quirky and funny. Kudo's to Audi.

Second Place : Fiat "Sexy Italian Woman." A geeky looking guy is walking down the street with his coffee when he spies this gorgeous sexy woman bending over in the street. She catches him looking and starts to dress him down. It gets very heated. And then the woman turns into the latest Fiat. Very cute, and very funny.

Third Place - VW "Fat Dog loses weight". Fat golden retriever implements extreme weight loss regimen in order to fit through doggy door so he can chase after the VW car.

Honorable Mentions:

Acura - Leno/ Steinfield

Honda CR-V - Matthew Broderick's "Day Off"

Kia "Dream Dust"

Hyundai races cheetah, but cheetah (clever cat) has a better idea, and goes after guy.

As a matter of principle I refuse to mention any of the Chevy, Government Motors ads. Nice to see taxpayer money at work!

This year I think Pepsi beat Coke. Pepsi fielded two ads - King Elton John/ Pepsi for All; and the Coke guy winning Pepsi for life. Coke fielded three ads, of depressed polar bears, "Opening Happiness". Cute, but depressing.

There only seems to be one make of beer ad that was fielded. So come on competition, I am sure there are other brands and makes of beer out there? Hellooooo! So I don't plan to comment on any of those beer ads, because they were all from the same manufacturer.

I have to mention the Go Daddy ads. They are still milking the first GoDaddy ad that created the so called controversy. It is still cute, but I think it's getting a little old. There is one ad that I think deserves mention, and that is the "little kid has to pee in the pool." Not sure what it was advertizing - I think some sort of tax service. I am not a David Beckham fan. So the ad of him in his tighty whities doesn't do anything for me. Now, Mark Harmon from NCIS... oh yeah baby! Other ad that I thought hit the right note for a superbowl ad was the Sketchers ad - pug beats out greyhounds by wearing "regulation" shoes. Very cute.

To sum up, the ads that scored the most with me need to be cute, funny, and/ or clever. This is that one day a year when diets do not matter.