Merry Christmas/ Happy Holidays/ Happy New Year
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On the 2011 Challenge and New Year's Resolutions

I started 2011 filled with good intentions. I was going to get fit, and lose weight. Well I did quite nicely through about 4 - 5 months of the year, and then STUFF just happened, and now I am even more roly poly than before. Sigh!.

So here are my New Year's Resolutions...

Drumroll please...

I will not have any more new year's resolutions!

And the first thing you do with resolutions is you break them.

My family and I (of the roly poly status) are embarking on 2 challenges/ competitions for 2012. The first is that we are going to have pedometers strapped to our roly poly selves, and we are going to aim for the 10,000 step/ day average (rules, no ... guidelines to follow), and the second since we all had so much fun with the 2010 Photo a Day Challenge we are going to do something photography orientated for 2012. More to follow.

So join us, laugh at us, whatever! I just know that 2012 is going to be a great year!