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First Snow Storm 10/26/2011

Our first winter snow in our new house came by 10/26. Since I had one conference call, I decided to work from home. I am glad I did, as the campus was a mess with trees' branches falling down everywhere. Poor trees.


These are some young ornamental trees we have in our back yard. The wet snow and the fact that we have had such a delayed fall, meant that the trees were bowed with the weight of the snow.

Kevin went out and gently shook the snow off the trees to try and avoid too much damage. In our neighborhood we were more worried about saving our young trees from too much damage. Elsewhere in Fort Collins, large mature trees lost their limbs, hitting homes and cars and leaving debris everywhere.


Kevin was in charge of saving the trees...

I spotted this dove outside our bedroom taking shelter from the storm.


Treasure hunting...

As I've mentioned before Kevin and I are having fun playing house and hunting through the flea markets, antique/ collectibles markets in Fort Collins, Loveland, and Longmont.

I was drawn to the shape of this Westmoreland Glass Company vase.


Along "antique row" in Fort Collins I entered this amazing antique shop. You could barely navigate in amongst all the treasures.


I moved my car each time I went into a different shop. Kevin was running some errands, saw my car as he passed by, and on impulse stopped in and found me. Together we found this darling table.


This little table was just darling. It was quite damaged, but the price was right. Here it is in it's new home.



CSU v Boise State

One important part of Americana is College Football. Kevin and I had tickets to last Saturday's game against Boise State. Part of the experience is tailgating. In this context when someone invites to a "tailgate" what they mean is to meet in the parking lot, and bring food. Some people BBQ and eat before going into the stadium to watch the game. On Saturday we had perfect football weather, and fans, family and supporters turned out for the pre game tailgate.


A College football game is not complete without inflatables...


and a college marching band.


And finally, we were there until the bitter end to support our Rams. Go Rams. (Final score 13-63 - Poor Rams!) We were rewarded with this glorious sunset over Hughes Stadium.



One of the fun things about moving to a new place is that you have such fun "playing house" and decorating. I have discovered "Architectural Digest" for inspiration. We have been exploring the flea markets and "Antique/ Collectible" markets in Fort Collins, Loveland and Longmont. I love spotting a piece that appeals to me (shape, form or texture) and then researching the story behind the piece. It's like a gigantic fun treasure hunt.

I was in Bed Bath & Beyond and I spotted these pillows. I was drawn to the colors, and textures.