Nurseries as inspiration

Exploring Fort Collins

Each weekend we have been trying to take some time to explore Fort Collins. As always we have a trusty lil ol' point 'n shoots to record things.


This was taken towards the end of July. What a great vibe old town Fort Collins has! And such amazing shops to discover, and local businesses to support - from spice shops, olive oil, kitchen related, gift related, book stores. I am going to have no shortage of inspiration for shopping for christmas and birthday presents.


We couldn't miss out on New West Fest (mid August) - the annual free gathering of people to listen to music, to eat and to people watch.

Fort Collins has an abundance of natural areas and really nice well maintained trails. Coyote Ridge Natural Area, and Cathy Fromme Natural Area are all very accessible.


And last but not least there is always the CSU Trial Gardens.