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Farewell Andy

Today was the day we scattered Andy's ashes in the place of his choosing.

We stayed overnight in Estes Park, so that we could get up reasonably early. The light was gorgeous, and the elk were bugling.


The place we found overlooked the valley. Andy loved these views.



I read this poem I found which seemed apt:

A Brief Candle, by Charlie Daniels

A brief candle; both ends burning

An endless mile; a bus wheel turning

A handshake and a sip of wine

So say it loud and let it ring

We are all part of everything

The future, present and the past

Fly on proud bird

You're free at last.


Exploring Fort Collins

Each weekend we have been trying to take some time to explore Fort Collins. As always we have a trusty lil ol' point 'n shoots to record things.


This was taken towards the end of July. What a great vibe old town Fort Collins has! And such amazing shops to discover, and local businesses to support - from spice shops, olive oil, kitchen related, gift related, book stores. I am going to have no shortage of inspiration for shopping for christmas and birthday presents.


We couldn't miss out on New West Fest (mid August) - the annual free gathering of people to listen to music, to eat and to people watch.

Fort Collins has an abundance of natural areas and really nice well maintained trails. Coyote Ridge Natural Area, and Cathy Fromme Natural Area are all very accessible.


And last but not least there is always the CSU Trial Gardens.


Nurseries as inspiration

I love visiting Nurseries. Especially at the height of the growing season. The plants are at their best, and I love seeing the colors, textures and shapes. I don't have too much to do in the new house yard, except fill some flower pots. I wanted to have color - I love yellow flowers - daisies, black eyed susans; but I wanted to mix in some edible plants and plants with fragrance. I love basil. Who knew you can get such a wide variety of herbs? In July (yes I know I am several months out) we visited Bath Nursery in Fort Collins. I had my little point 'n shoot with me to get inspiration.


I mixed basil with black eye susans.


Daisies and Coreopsis with Sage, Rosemary and Thyme. Now the challenge is to make sure these plants get adequate water, and don't dry out too much. I am curious to see how they manage to survive the winter.

This month I've decided to plant some bulbs for spring and summer blooming. I love bulbs. It is very hard to go wrong with bulbs (and I do not have a green thumb!)