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It has been really quiet blog wise right now. The 2011 Challenge has died - but I am still trying to move more (with the aid of my trusty pedometer) and eat less. I have lost weight, due to the stress of our move. We are now in our third week and it is simply blissful to have a 15 minute commute. I can't believe I put up with an hour (2 hours a day) commute for 5 years. What was I thinking? We are still very much in boxes, with some stuff slowly getting packed away. Kevin and I have been having enormous fun "playing house" because now we really have space to decorate and choose what we really really want, as opposed for getting something temporary while we wait for the real thing. Tonight, for example we just got back from a delicious time at Scandinavian Design Store in Westminster, Denver. We just can't wait.

Here is a photo of our dear Maddie helping me move into the Kitchen.


While we waited for our house, we stayed in a hotel, and Maddie boarded at the Cat House, in Loveland. Maddie has taken some time to settle back into the swing of things. She is now having her daft hours (a sign that she is feeling at home.) While we were waiting we would go and visit her. She loved having us. Poor dear.

We are really having fun exploring. This is a view from a local BBQ place called Texas BBQ. It's in Loveland. This is just up (or is it down?) the road from us.