2011 Challenge - Week Ten Recap - Delay
Iris Garden

2011 Donor Family Tribute - May 22, 2011

Kevin and I joined Mom and Dad at the Sewell Ballroom at the Denver Performing Arts complex for the 2011 Donor Family Tribute. 600 people gathered to honor those that died, and to honor those difficult decisions we face at a time when the very fabric of one's existence has been torn apart. We heard from speakers who had to face this decision, and from donor recipients who now lead fulfilled lives thanks to these donations. Organ donation is not just about donating a heart or a kidney. It is also about donating tissue - corneas, and other tissues. It is truly amazing what modern technology can do.

Mom was asked to make a quilt for the Threads of Life Quilt that tours the Rocky Mountain Region, as well as color in a butterfly for the "Life Transformed" wall.


Mom had one of her church ladies help her with the quilt. She chose horses as Andrew growing up spent more time at the stables with horses than any where else. The horses eyes are beaded to symbolize the donation of corneas.


Each butterfly was pinned to this curtain. I decided the back view was much better. It symbolizes life transformed.

This was a very emotional and moving day.