2011 Challenge - Week Nine
2011 Challenge - Week Ten

2011 Challenge - Week Nine Recap

Another week has simply flown by. Personally I can't wait for spring. I am not a cold weather person (go figure that!) and spring and autumn are my favorite seasons. So how did Week Nine go?

I am feeling super good. I don't mean that in a smug kind of way. But I really feel better overall. The weight is coming off slowly, and I don't feel as though I am starving myself. I still have no will power - but I play some power games, that make me think I have will power. For example, the Cheese Intervention Plan - by simply removing the object of desire - in this case, cheese - I can pretend that I have the actual will power not to have cheese, if it were there to tempt me.

I tested myself out yesterday with a visit to Longmont's Cheese Importers. Kevin had given me a gift certificate to this Cheese Heaven. This is a fabulous store with cheeses from around the world, and some gorgeous gifty type stuff. I was marginally bad - I took advantage of the cheese snacks left out in the cheese room, and bought myself a white chocolate Toblerone, and a slab of pate. I also got 2 kinds of parmegano reggiano - one from Italy and one from Argentina. Hard cheese is not the kind of cheese I am prone to snack on - and it is great grated over pasta, or veggies. Sigh! But I still have no cheese to tempt me into snacking. For obvious reasons, the Toblerone will feature predominantly on the photo food diary for this week, and next. But I am trying to see how long I can make it last.

I am eating more salad and rabbit food. Still not getting enough fruit.

Now let's get to the move more part of this challenge. I have stopped the 90 second wall sit and the plank. Don't know why, but just didn't do it at all this week. I really should. It is weird but it really works. Hard to know why - I mean it is only 90 seconds, and ahem! if you are like me, I can't even get to 90 seconds. 90 seconds is a REALLY long time.

I have become quite addicted to my step counter, and trying to reach the goal of 10,000 steps per day. Kevin has even bought me a more super duper step counter.

For the week beginning 2/27/2011 I walked a total of 42,475 steps which average 6,067 steps per day. My goal for this week was to average 6,500 steps per day. So I didn't manage to meet that goal. I know why - I had a busy week with a number of meetings, that didn't really help the steps, although I did have one day where I managed 10,888 steps all largely due to a number of meetings around campus which I walked to. I was also supposed to walk at least 5,500 steps 4 out of the 7 days which I managed.


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