2011 Challenge - Week Six
2011 Challenge - Week Seven

2011 Challenge - Week Six Recap

What a week!

Eat Less: I have battled with the eat less goal. The Cheese Monster has reared its head again. Cheese is creeping back in. Still trying to get more veggies, fruits and salads. Kevin is doing a great job with some amazing veggie dishes. Yum. Starbucks Savings Plan continues. I have found it difficult not to finish off those left over Superbowl snacks. Grrrr. I am still snacking too much. Bad!

Move more: For the week beginning 2/6 I walked a total of 41,894 steps, averaging 5,984 steps per day. So I met my goal for this week. I had to try to walk at least 4,000 steps 4 out of the 7 days. I managed that walking 5 out of the 7 days in excess of 4,000 steps. Greatest step count occurred 2/12 when I had 9,077 steps. I ended up power walking around Flatirons Crossing Mall while Kevin checked out latest gadgets at the Apple Store.  Lowest day was Sunday 2/6 when I had a mere 2,000 steps.

I tried to continue with the 90 second Plank, and 90 second Wall Sit. I still cannot make the 90 seconds for either of these exercises. Maximum I have managed is 50 seconds for the wall sit, and 30 seconds for the plank. Arggghhh!

In fact I am yearning for greasy foods, burgers, french fries, all the bad stuff. On Saturday Kevin and I saw this sign outside of a Good Times. It summed it up for me.


Oh yeah baby!


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