2011 Challenge - Week Six Recap
2011 Challenge - Week Seven Recap

2011 Challenge - Week Seven

The dreaded weigh in. ARGGGHHH!

I've put on weight. How AWFUL!!!

I am not even going to report on waist measurement. I am depressed!!

Eat Less:

Something is obviously wrong since I have gained weight, instead of the other way around. But in all honesty I have been snacking more (BAD!) and eating more cheese (BAD!) as well as not moving more. This is not a good combination.

So - continue with photo food diary, and Starbucks Savings Plan. No cheese at all for the next 7 days. ARGGGHH! Calling the Snack and Cheese Police. Only snacks allowed are - eating as much veggies and fresh fruit as I want. No other snacks allowed. This is going to be the week from hell - I can feel it.

Move More:

Average 5,500 steps per day. Aim for 4 out of 7 days of walking at least 4,500 steps. Since I continue to be pathetic with the 90 second plank, and the 90 second wall sit, I am to continue with this torture, for the next week. Also keep a photo diary of stop watch time for each activity.


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