2011 Challenge - Week Seven
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2011 Challenge - Week Seven Recap

I still have a problem with the Great Cheese Monster. So I have resorted to having no cheese at all in the fridge. I crave it, and I have no will power at all when it comes to avoiding it. In fact the minute a state the goal of not eating cheese for 7 days, then all I can think of is cheese, and where it lives in the fridge.

Luckily all the post Superbowl snacks are finished and I've finished the M & M's Kevin gave me for Valentine's Day. (Like I said, if its there, I will eat it, sooner or later.) Grrrhh!

The gorgeous weather has meant I have been able to move more. No excuses for hiding away and not getting out. For the week beginning 2/13 I totaled 50,625 steps, averaging 7232 steps per day. So my goal of averaging 5,500 steps per day has been met. My goal of walking 4 out of the 7 days of at least 4,500 steps has been met too. Highest number of steps was 2/17 when I walked 10,384 steps.

I still can't do a 90 second plank or wall sit. Very annoying. I can't seem to break through the 45 second mark. I don't have an inner core, I have an inner jelly fish. Rats.


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