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2011 Challenge - Week Six

2011 Challenge - Week Five Recap

I found this week difficult to meet some of my goals. We had some extremely cold weather early in the week which made me eat more and move less - the opposite to what I am trying to do. For my Eat Less goal I continued with my Starbucks Savings Plan. I battled a bit with eating salad. But we are trying to incorporate salad into our evening meals. Kevin has been experimenting with the Crockpot and cooking the most divine veggie dishes, and legume/ dal based curries. Delicious!!

For the Move More Goal I had to average 5,000 steps per day, and try to have 4 out of 7 days of at least 4,000 steps. For the week beginning 1/30/2011 I totalled 33,415 steps and averaged 4,773 steps. Highest day was Friday 2/4 with 9,134 steps. I only managed 3 out of the 7 days over 4,000 steps. So I didn't make my goal. Bummer.

I also had to do the 90 second Plank and Wall Sit each day. I haven't been able to do this each day. And I haven't been able to hold these positions for 90 seconds. But I am getting stronger - the most I can hold the Plank is 40 seconds, and I am about the same for the Wall Sit. Rats.


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