2011 Challenge - Week Seven Recap
2011 Challenge - Week Eight Recap

2011 Challenge - Week Eight

Drumroll please. I have lost the poundage I gained last week for over indulging, and not moving. Yeah! I still have a body shape of a huge giant pear. I guess that's a reminder to eat more fruit.

Eat Less Goal:

Continue with the Photo Food Diary, and continue with the Starbucks Savings Plan. No cheese this week. Do. Not. Buy. Cheese. At. All. I am still not eating nearly enough fruit. I am better with the veggies and the salad. I just haven't warmed up to this fruit eating thing. So I will try to eat fruit at least 3 times this week. For any snacking substitute popcorn/ veggies (and not veggie straws)/ fruit instead of chips and high calorie snacks. Rats. This is going to be difficult, because I do not have any will power - if I see it, I eat it. Groan.

Move More goals:

I am really enjoying this step challenge. So will continue. For this week average 6,000 steps per day. Attempt 4 out of 7 days to reach 5,000 steps. Continue the torture of the 90 second plank, and wall sit.


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