My Gran
2011 Challenge - Week Three

2011 Challenge - Week Two Recap

This week was especially difficult to maintain focus on the "eat less, move more" goals. Firstly I heard that my gran had passed away. I am an emotional eater, so I tend to find comfort in food. I then decided to invest in a brand new pedometer, as I felt that my old one (at least 5 years old) was getting a little dodgy. There are quite a variety of pedometers available on the market, including the fancy Nike gadgets that sync with your iPod. I decided to go for the simple one that simply clips onto your waist band. I didn't want to bother with my iPod at work.

Eat Less goal:

I am maintaining my "bonus" of no venti chai latte's at Starbucks every morning during the work week. So another $20 bucks to add to the Savings Bank. I also managed to eat salad three times this week. (I know it should be more than that, but give me a break, I loathe bunny food, so eating 3 salads this week is HUGE for me.) I managed it, mainly because I had to add tasty crunchy stuff to the lettuce to make it palatable. I used walnuts, and sauted potatoes and non fat salad dressing. It worked, I made my goal.

I continue to photograph everything I eat. It's rather lowering to visually see all that one eats. Beached whale - hello!

Move More goal:

So I am trying to average 4,000 steps per day. I have been recording my steps on my calendar each day. Some days I am quite pathetic, especially when we are glued to the TV watching NFL playoffs.

For the week 1/9 - 1/15 I averaged 3,212 steps per day. The greatest step count I recorded was 1/13 with 8,556 steps. So I still need to work at it. I had 2 days with no steps. Reason for this is that I forgot to put my pedometer on, so I could even pick up a few hundred steps each day.



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