2011 Challenge - Week Three
2011 Challenge - Week Four

2011 Challenge - Week Three Recap

Public humiliation time:

Weight - lost 2 pounds. (Or else my scale is again wonky.) Age - blah! Blah! Blah!

This week I had some success at keeping moving. I have a new pedometer, but I am struggling abit to make sure that the counts are accurate. For the week 1/16 - 1/22 my total step count for the week 38,322. Average step count per day: 5,475 steps per day. Highest day 1/17 with 12,933 steps. Lowest day was Wednesday 1/19 with only 2,773 steps. 1/17 was MLK day and Kevin and I went on a nice long walk around the neighborhood to see some nice Highland cows. Because one of the days this week was an at home day, this is not a usual week when in comes to opportunities for walking.

So I have met my goal of averaging 4,000 steps per day. But since this was an abnormal week, I think it was easy to do. Its amazing what one additional day with a nice hour long walk can do to the step count!

For the Eat Less part of this - I managed to eat three servings of salad this week. I really struggle with this. P1020866

I snapped this above on my desk. I ran out of the dressing, and dry green spinach leaves are UGH!

I had to add servings of fruit. This was a big battle. I guess the banana muffins Kevin made this week don't count as a fruit serving? I had forgotten that we have frozen cherries in the freezer. So today I quickly had two servings of cherries. I need to be better with the fruit.

I have kept up the photo food diary. One thing I am noticing is a lot of this:



I eat a lot of it. I love it. I don't make it part of my meal, I make it part of my snacking culture. I'll eat it sliced, diced, cold, grated, melted. I consume it. I dream it.

Sigh. I have a cheese problem!

I need rules for my cheese problem. 

On a positive note, this week the Starbucks Saving plan adds another $20 bucks for a total of approx $60 in savings for this year.


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