2011 Challenge - Week Four
2011 Challenge - Week Five

2011 Challenge - Week Four Recap

This week we were blessed with a week of wonderful weather, so I had no excuse not to get those steps in. Also, it suddenly hit me that since my office is located right beside an athletic track on campus, why not take advantage? This week the Move More goal was to average 4,500 steps per day. For the week 1/23 - 1/29 I walked a total of 45,575, and an average of 6,510 steps per day. Highest day was 1/28 (Friday) when I walked 11,021 steps. Lowest day was Monday 1/24 3,314 steps.

For the Eat Less goal I went on a major Cheese Eating Plan! This was extremely difficult to do. I thought not drinking Starbucks every morning was difficult, but not as difficult as cutting down on cheese. I didn't cut it out altogether, I just didn't use cheese as my Snack of Choice. When I down loaded my photo food diary for the week guess what I saw? Hardly any photos of cheese, but lots of salad (ugh, bunny food), veggies (Kevn has been experimenting with different Bean/ legumes type curries - delish), and fruits. I was at Estes Park for work related training Thursday and Friday. I still ate the dessert - who can resist carrot cake or cheesecake? The Starbucks Savings Plan is still going good. KaChing! Add another $20 to the savings pool. 

How do I feel overall? I don't know whether I will ever like bunny food. I don't like lettuce without some sort of dressing. I like salad with some crunch - like nuts or something. But I do feel good. I really like walking, and having a pedometer is a lot of fun.

I am also doing some more reading. The Move Yourself book is good, and has some good ideas. I also got some other books from the library. I got "The 90-second Fitness Solution" by Pete Cerqua, and "Real Food, What to eat and why" by Nina Planck. The Pete Cerqua book has some interesting strength building exercises to add to my next week's challenge.



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