2011 Challenge - Week Four Recap
Superbowl XLV Green Bay Packers vs Pittsburgh Steelers, and the great Ad roundup

2011 Challenge - Week Five

Drumroll please.

I weighed myself (in the presence of a witness - Kevin.) I've lost a total of 5 pounds. So I am now in total tonnage a wonderful 155 lbs. Waist measurement - 37 1/2 inches. Age - Don't say a word!

Eat Less Goal:

Continue with Starbucks Savings Plan. I like the sound of adding $20 bucks to the savings pool. Ka-Ching! Continue with the Great Cheese Intervention - Cheese is not the Snack of Choice. Cheese is allowed sparingly if it is part of the main meal - in a salad etc. No more than 2 slices of cheese. Still need to embrace my inner Salad Bunny. Eat lots of salad, veggies and fruit. Minimum goal of three servings per week for each.

One thing I am noticing from the Photo Food Diary is my snack habits. I need to substitute healthy snack foods with what I am currently snacking on. So instead of my bowl of veggie straws, or other chip like substance - instead I'll substitute a serving of fruit. Groan. Continue with Photo Food Diary.

Move More Goal:

Goal to average 5,000 steps per day. Try and have at least 4 days out of 7 days of at least 4,000 steps. 5 Days out of 7 do The Plank (90 seconds) and The Wall Sit, (90 seconds) for some strength training.


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