2010 Challenge - Final Report
2011 Challenge - Week One

2011 Challenge - The Rules!

After the (relative) success of my 2010 Challenge, I have thought long and hard about what to do for my 2011 Challenge given my limitations; that is, I am rubbish at New Year's Resolutions. Again, this is not a new or creative challenge, but it is something I desparately need, as I have approached and exceeded beached whale status... I kid you not.

So here it is, drumroll please, the 2011 Eat Less, Move More Challenge.

I have a doodle app called DrawCast in iPad where I created the above - using my finger!

Now here are the rules:

1. At the beginning of the challenge post your vital stats. (We are going for maximum public humilation here... age, height, weight, waist measurement. (Not an exhaustive list, but the minimum.)

2. At the beginning of each week post vital stats - of weight, and for example waist meausrement.

3. At the beginning of each week post one goal for the "Eat Less" part, and one goal for the "Move More" part. This is just a minimum. You can post more than one goal. The goal is simply set for the week - no more than 7 days. (I have difficulty maintaining anything for longer than 7 days - shameful to admit, I know.)

4. At the beginning of each week, measure your success of the goals you posted the previous week.

5. Post a minimum "report back" once a week. You can post more than if you want.

6. Can post photos (since I am fresh from my 2010 Challenge, I think I am going to continue to take photos.)

7. Disqualification rules - failure to post 3 consecutive weeks.

8. Ultimate end of year goal - needs to be set out in the first week's post. Hopefully at the end of a minimum of 52 posts we will all be fitter, healthier and generally sleeker.



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