2010 Challenge - 7/23/2010 - Rifle Super 8
2010 Challenge - 7/25/2010

2010 Challenge - 7/24/2010 - Grand Mesa National Forest

We woke up in Rifle and headed south towards the Grand Mesa area. Our ultimate destination was Cedaredge. Of course, we had to stop at Collbran, and at the Cattleman's Grill for a quick taste of a local burger. The burger patty was surprisingly good. Burger bun below average, fries - oven fries variety.

The above photo is of Collbran's post office, and the Cattleman's Grill. Below is a shot of my burger. I am using the Panasonic point 'n shoot. For this next shot I chose one of the pre set settings called "Food." It does a surprisingly good job. I think it presets a macro setting - because my focal length gets really good.

Also the bacon was REAL BACON!

We then popped up the valley to see the Vega State Park. Apparently the residents in the area really motivated to get this reservoir built. Without water, there is nothing.

After exploring a little we headed southwards towards Grand Mesa National Forest.

Sign in the visitor's center. We saw these notices in the Grand Mesa area. The moose introductions in the area have been very successful. We didn't see any sign of these wonderful creatures while we were there. We were told that the moose were calving.


As we gained in altitude, it became nice and cool. A really great way of escaping the 100 degree weather down on the Front Range. Note birdie in foreground. This quick snap was taken at the Weir and Johnson Reservoirs.

We fished for about 3 hours at the Weir and Johnson Reservoir. We had a wonderful time trying to outwit some very clever trout. The water was clear, and the fish were curious and wanted to sample what we threw at them. But they were too clever and managed to spit our lures out without us being able to set the hooks. Outcome: Us : 0, Fish: 1.

My fishing spot...

After all that energy being expended on trying to outwit those trout, we decided to have a picnic.

After our picnic we thought it was time to head down to Cedaredge.



This has to be the photo of the day. I shot this is Landscape mode on the p 'n shoot. 1/80, f/4.6 37mm, ISO 160. What made this photo is the way the flowers in this meadow were being back lit. Gorgeous.

Using "Pinhole" Mode on the Panasonic. 

Another mode, another day.

At last we made it down to Cedaredge. We stayed at Cedar's Edge Llama Farm B & B.



Gorgeous photos!

You saw moose, but did you see a bunch of crazy ultra-runners that day? The Grand Mesa 100-mile race was occurring the same day you went:


Too bad everyone got lost. I should have been fishing like you instead...


Hi Felix. We didn't see any runners. But we did hear about the race. One of the guests at the B & B we stayed at was talking about it.

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