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2010 Challenge - 5/18/2010 - Kasbah Event


Tonight Kevin and I decided to pop out for a "quick" bite. We decided to try the Moroccon Restaurant in Lafayette.

We had quite a show - with a belly dancer.

And a sword. (Looks sharp.)


We had our hands washed at the beginning of the meal and after the entree. Shot with Canon S3. 1/4, f2.7, 6mm. ISO 800 (very grainy.)


We ended our 5 course meal with a nice glass of mint tea, and rose water on our hands.

2010 Challenge - 5/15/2010 - Erie Fair


Kevin and I took our cameras and walked a couple of blocks to the annual Erie Town Fair. Every year it seems to get bigger, with more vendors, more people, and cars lining the quiet Old Town neighborhoods.


The best part of the Fair is the Car Show.


Kevin in action.


You can look at these rolling pieces of art - but don't touch!

This gorgeous restored Beetle won me over. 1/400, f/4.0, 6mm. Canon S3.

2010 Challenge - 5/13/2010 - Frisbee


1/320 f/6.3 9.9mm. Canon S3. This is the final week; a week of finals, and at the end of the week we have the Commencement ceremonies. I was walking around campus seeing the damage from our spring storm that came through the area yesterday. Spring storms usually mean heavy wet snow that breaks trees, branches and bushes. This photo is of the Oval which is looking simply gorgeous. To the right of the photo a group of students let off some final exam tension with a game of frisbee.


This was taken of the morning of our spring storm - 5/12/2010.

Here is a branch broken by the snow.