2010 Challenge - 5/19/2010 - Summer Storm
2010 Challenge - 5/21/2010 - Objects in Mirror Are Closer than they Appear

2010 Challenge - 5/20/2010 - Bar Views


Erie is home to a number of bars cum restaurants. Here we are at the Kaddyshack - a traditional BBQ place. Again I am using my little Canon s3. The canon has a Super Macro button that allows you to get in real close. I wanted to through the background out of focus - but I liked the way light was streaming in highlighting the long bar. 1/20, f2.7 6mm. ISO 800. This is a very slow shutter speed that in a normal DSLR I wouldn't dream of hand holding. But the s3 is very light and easy to hold - and does a fine job of getting the shot. Not super sharp very close up and pretty grainy given the IS0 and the pixel count. But not bad.