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2010 Challenge - 4/18/2010 - Appliance shopping


1/25 f/5.6 6mm. Canon S3. Kevin and I are busy with Project Home Improvement. We currently have a contractor working on our bathroom. We are about 75% complete with our kitchen (thanks to many weekends of help by June, Peter and Andy.) We need to replace our above stove microwave. Having a camera with you all the time, makes shopping a breeze. (Camera phones also help.)

2010 Challenge - 4/17/2010 - Red Tailed Hawk


We were driving from Erie to Longmont, and came across this Red Tailed Hawk sitting by the side of the road. There was a slight drizzle, which I think wet the hawk's tail feathers because the hawk was quite undisturbed by us.


1/200 f/5.6 72mm, Canon s3.

The hawk flew from the sign post to sit atop this power line. It was kind of difficult to get a good photo. You can't see it from this angle, but the red tail is usually visible from behind.