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2010 Challenge - 3/17/2010 - March Madness


1/200 f/9.0 48mm ISO 1250. Flash: Bounce +0. Camera and Lens: The Usual

March is March Madness month. For the Non USA people - March Madness is the month when offices and office workers around the USA come to a grinding halt while people select their brackets for the Men's and Women's NCAA College Basketball Championships. Last year was the second year I participated in our office pool (not really pool as you don't get to win any money - just a little trophy and a free lunch.) I spent less than a minute selecting my bracket AND I ended up winning much to the horror of all the sports fanatics in the office! And I no less than nothing about basketball let alone College basketball. Today was the last day to get our brackets in. I thought I'd take a photo of my little trophy which has been decorating my office. Let the competition begin...

2010 Challenge - 3/11/2010 - Citizens!


1/160 f/6.3 24mm ISO 2500. Flash Bounce with a little fill (use about 1cm of white card) at +1. Lens and Camera - the usual.

Mom and Dad had their citizenship interview and test today. Mom called me at the end of the day - great news! Not only did they pass through the interview and test with flying colors, but they were eligible to be in a citizenship ceremony that afternoon. So no chance to send out the invites to the usual entourage. So here's to some new citizens! Congratulations.

To celebrate we went to a local Erie BBQ pit.

The ceiling was pitch black - not a good bounce surface. But I didn't want that blasted out look. I pulled up the white card (no more than 1cm) to give a little fill.