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Superbowl XLIV Saints v Colts 31-17 Ad roundup

So very exciting. I wanted to support the underdog Saints. And they won. 31 -17.

Now for the Superbowl Ads...

I usually don't bother with the vehicle ads - they never do anything creative, so they don't deserve any mention. Except this year. I thought the Sonata ad with Favre wining MVP in 2020 was very clever. I also think Dodge's "Man's last stand" deserves Honorable Mention.

So here is the ad round up... drumroll please!!

Third place goes to Dove for Men - comfortable in your own skin. Loved the way this ad showed a story of a man's life from conception onwards.

Second place goes to Google. This ad tells a story in such a simple way all through search queries. Must have been the one Superbowl ad that cost the least to make.

First place goes to Coke - Sleepwalker in Africa. Loved seeing where the sleepwalker was going to go next - bumping into elephants, cozying up to hyenas. Superb.

As always Kevin's favorite ad is the GoDaddy ad. They played off the "Too Hot for TV" theme. Funny and clever but not enough to make the top three. As always the beer ads were much in evidence. Didn't think any were clever enough to make it. I liked the Bud Light ad of the house build by bud lights. I thought the Motorola "sexting" ad was quite inappropriate and not a bit funny or clever. Fire your ad agency Motorola!

The Doritos ads were on the whole quite amusing. My favorite was the Funeral - "It's a miracle!" ad. Major thumbs down to the Denny Chicken ads. High irritation factor. Bridgestone did a decent job. The ad that was simply bizarre enough to remember (but not to remember what it was advertising) was the odd popcorn people performing as dolphins. Where do they get such odd looking people?

I thought the Focus For the Family ad that caused such controversy was very mild and subtle - in fact without the fuss before hand, I wouldn't have remembered it. (Perhaps that's why we had a controversy?)

So the Superbowl is over. Congratulations Saints. Let the party begin.

To watch your favorite ads CBS is repeating them. And no, I am not linking to them - just Google it.

2010 Challenge - 2/6/2010 - Car Wash


1/250 f/6.3 ISO 1600 24mm. Lens:24mm - 85mm, Camera : Nikon D700

One of the joys of winter driving is that the cars get covered in mud, splash back and whatever they use to deice the roads. My car was filthy. So today was the day to take it to the car wash. I thought it might make an interesting picture shooting from inside. Here I am facing through the front windshield. My car was so bad it needed "the Works."

2010 Challenge 2/5/2010 - Three


1/200 f/6.3 ISO 500 55mm. Lens: 24mm - 85mm, Camera: Nikon D700

Oddly for a Friday I had a hectic day with one meeting after another, and a hurried lunch over my keyboard. So towards the end of the day, when things had started to calm down, and I had time to take a breath I decided to grab my camera and have a walk (exercise is good for you). I came across this interesting shot on my walk around campus. I loved the texture, the door and the number three.