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2010 Challenge - 2/17/2010 - Skype Family


1/160 f/6.3 80mm, ISO 250. Lens: the usual, Camera: the usual. Bounce Flash +0.

Tonight we managed to get wifi set up at my father in laws house. Thanks to Arden! This picture is Kevin taking the computer around to show his Dad our very messy house. You can see Sam's image in the computer, with my reflection.


Here Kevin is skyping and showing Sam the contents of our fridge. (The things one does with technology.)

2010 Challenge - 2/15/2010 - Winter Patterns


1/125 f/4.5 comm ISO 2500. Lens: The usual. Camera: Nikon D700

Today was President's Day. City, State and County offices including libraries were closed today. Except for CSU. Bummer. I came home from work, missed the after glow in the mountains at sunset - would have been gorgeous with the snow we've had over the weekend. So I turned down a dirt road that leads passed Erie Cemetery. I thought it would be too dark to get anything - sun had already set, just the after glow lighting up the sky. Instead I found these wonderful patterns in the farmer's fields. Had to stop and take a photo.

2010 Challenge - 2/14/2010 - Use for Ice Rescue Only


1/640 f/11.0 85mm ISO 200. Lens: 24mm - 85mm, Camera: Nikon D700

We had a fresh round of snow this morning. But the sun came out with great blue skies. We went to St Vrain State Park after lunch and saw the ice fisherman out and about. The ice was covered with fresh snow. The trucks in the back ground are on the I -25 heading south. For safe ice fishing, the ice has to be about 6 inches thick.

2010 Challenge - 2/13/2010 - Western Skies


1/250 f/9.0 24mm ISO 320. Lens : 24mm - 85mm, Camera: Nikon D700

Today Mom and Dad drove up from Littleton and we had lunch at the Cheese Importers in Longmont. The Cheese Importers is a bit of a surprise - a little bit of French bistro in the middle of the West. Longmont Cheese Importers keeps every kind of cheese from around the world. It also has a gourmet food shop (I've never seen so many different kinds of balsamic vinegar!) We had lunch at the little bistro on the premises. On the way back we took one of the many back country roads to get to Erie. We stopped for a quick photo of this corn field and some interesting weather happening out on the eastern plains. (To see the Rockies, you would have to turn around - but today the Rockies were cloaked in clouds.)

2010 Challenge - 2/10/2010 - Waiting


1/320 f/7.1 ISO 400 85mm. Lens: 24mm - 85mm, Camera: Nikon D700

I was heading East on Prospect in Fort Collins this afternoon on my way to North Denver for a meeting. There are a number of rail tracks bisecting the City, (including the track that goes through campus.) At any time of day, traffic comes to a stop while we wait for the trains to pass. Some of these trains are very long, and it can take quite a wait. In those situations - switch off, and get out the Sudoku book. Today, the train was quite small, and it didn't take us long to get going.