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Organ & Tissue Donation

Organ donation is such a personal decision. When we were gathered together at the hospital trying to make sense of "unable to resuscitate" and all those words. Overcome with grief sounds like a cliche, but in all that you have to make decisions.

What about organ & tissue donation? Would we the family allow for Andy to be used for organ and tissue donation? We had to make the decision. The hospital folks were professional, and sensitive to the moment. But life does go on. 

So we tried to think what Andy would have wanted. And we all felt that he would've wanted to help someone else. So we said yes, and the paperwork was completed and forgotten.

Recently Mom received news that Andy's corneas were used in a transplant. I had no idea what that meant.
A corneal transplant is a surgical procedure where a damaged cornea is replaced with a new one from a recently deceased person. For more info about the procedure check out the Wiki entry here.

For more information about Organ and Tissue Donation check out the following resources:

US Organ and Tissue Donation InitiativeDonate Life America

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For more information about Cornea donations and transplants:

Rocky Mountain Lions Eye Bank


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