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2010 Challenge 1/30/2010 - Pumping Iron


1/230 f/5.1 180mm ISO 200. Lens: Nikon 70mm - 300mm 4.5 - 5.6 VR Camera: Nikon D700

Today Kevin and I went to Longmont to our favorite Indian restaurant and home away from home, the Flavor of India. We then wanted to check out bathroom tiles, vanities and fixtures for a proposed budget permitting renovation of our bathroom. On the way back home we took a frontage road just West of I-25 at the Dacono off ramp. Each morning on my way to work I have seen these oil pumping platforms. I thought they might make an interesting shot with the Rockies in the background. This is really a morning shot. This photograph was taken around 4pm.

2010 Challenge - 1/29/2010 - Lemon


1/200, f/4.0 105mm ISO 200. Lens: Nikkor Micro 105mm (MF) Camera: Nikon D700. Alien Bee Bounce, Full Power.

Today started full of great photo possibilities. I woke up to the most beautiful mist, and crystal white frost on all the trees. Didn't have chance to stop and photograph. The sun started to burn off the mist, creating a gorgeous large natural soft box effect. Later during the day I saw Canadian geese, that could have been a good subject. And last but not least driving home I witnessed a large full moonrise. And again, no opportunity to stop and shoot.

I got home, and decided that I would try out some affects (playing with bounce flash, and really blasting it) using this lemon. I set the alien bee at full power, and aperture was wide open. So the image turned out to be really hot (too over exposured.) I played around with some of the exposure levels, converted to B&W and I got this. It is not sharp, but I thought it was surprising.

2010 Challenge - 1/25/2010 - Reading List


1/200, f/8.0, 50mm, ISO 200. Alien Bee - Bounce +1/2 power, Lens: 24mm - 85mm, Camera Nikon D700

It is very unusual that I would look at the books I am reading and see a theme... Here I have gathered books that I am currently reading that are all books about interesting women:

1. Sarah Palin, Going Rogue: I am halfway through this. This is what I call "toilet reading". I am not a fan, but the reference to "toilet" is not indicative of what I think of the book or the author, it is more about the mode/ style of reading...

2. Virgin Warrior, the Life and Death of Joan of Arc, by Larissa Juliet Taylor. I got this out the local library. Haven't started it yet.

3. The Life of a Steel Magnolia, Condi, by Mary Beth Brown. Also from the library. I've just started this one.

4. Rosa Parks, by Douglas Brinkley. Rosa Parks is famous for refusing to go to the back of the bus in the segregated South. I am halfway through this, and find her story fascinating.

5. My Life in France, Julia Child (with Alex Prud'homme). My sister in law, Arden got this for me for Christmas. I haven't seen the film, but really love this book. Also not finished. But reading it makes me want to 1) go to Paris, 2) learn to cook - I mean REALLY learn to cook!, 3)And eat decadently!

Our darling furperson, Maddie was feeling needy and got in the way of this shot. She kept rubbing herself all over the set up. In the end she ended up in the shot!

2010 Challenge - 1/23/2010 - Melt


1/800 f/10.0 85mm ISO 500. Lens: 24mm - 85mm, Camera Nikon D700

Today Kevin and I took our cameras and went for a short walk around Erie. There are so much potential for great photographs. I am sure I will be revisiting each of the spots we walked passed today. We are currently in a mild phase - where there is still some ice/ snow on the ground, but the sun as melted quite a bit. This photo was taken while I crossed the street and came across a patch of snow/ ice/ melt. I loved the textures that I think have been left by boot prints, and the thaw/freeze/thaw cycle.