2010 Challenge - Final Report

The 2010 Challenge had a simple theme - take photographs throughout the year, and select one photo that was taken on that day for that day, hence, the challenge - a photo a day, for the year. I made up my own rules (which is the way I like to do things, I confess) and then was very encouraged when my family decided to join in the fun. This challenge was surprisingly difficult to keep going. I am glad I changed my camera from my baby, the Nikon D700 to the smaller and more portable Panasonic Lumix. I don't think I could have sustained this challenge, if I had to lug around The Baby. No offense Nikon! And it soon become apparent, that it is very hard to maintain creativity where the subject matter is boring and mundane. I mean, how interesting can the inside of my trash can be?

I thought I'd compose some stats for the Final Report.

Estimated number of photos taken:

I used three cameras for this challenge, so it is a little hard to estimate total number of photos taken for this year. I found that I needed to take more than one photo, it gave me a little more choice to chose the photo of the day. On my panasonic point 'n shoot alone, I shot over 20,000 images this year. The Nikon I use in wedding shoots with Kevin - so I don't think it is fair to count those images (as they were not really for the 2010 Challenge.) So I am going to use the Panasonic number as my final number... 20,658, and since I used other cameras for the Challenge, I can state with some certainty that total estimated numbers of photos taken is in excess of 20,658.

Equipment used:

Canon G3, Nikon D700, Panasonic Lumix. For the Nikon I like to use the Nikon flash SB-800.

Number of days missed:

The goal was to take and post a photo a day for 365 days. According to the rules I made up, if you missed a day no biggie, but if you missed more than 14 consecutive days you were disqualified.

I missed a total of 13 days out of 365. The month with the greatest number of missed days was April with 4 days; 4/16, 4/21, 4/22, and 4/30. The second highest month of missed days was September with 3 days; 9/8, 9/20 and 9/21. Third highest was July with only 2 days missed; 7/6 and 7/17. Only one day each for the months May (5/24); June (6/4); August (8/11) and November (11/16.)

The months with 100% completion rates are January, February, March, October and December.

Favorite subject matter:

It soon became apparent that Maddie our darling Furperson really liked to pose for us. So I thought I'd look at subject matter for the year... Here's what I found...

Maddie as subject matter occurred in 12 posts through out the year. (I had thought it would be more... so I was a little surprised that she only appeared in 12 posts.) The majority of venues where the photos occurred is at the work place (which makes some sense as that's where we spend the majority of our lives.)

So what's next?

I have some ideas about a 2011 challenge. Watch this space!

For everyone, Happy New Year. Let's hope that 2011 is full of good health, peace and happiness!


2010 Challenge - 12/30/2010 - Snow storms cometh...

I decided to take Thursday 12/30 off. A snow storm was forecast, with very very cold freezing temps. So we bundled up, in our little house, with Maddie, and lots of hot chocolate. Meanwhile it continued to snow, and snow outside. We have been so spoilt this winter, with hardly any snow. It was quite a shock to the system.


Shot with Panasonic point 'n shoot, 1/320, f/4.0, 4.1mm, ISO 80.

2010 Challenge - 12/25/2010 - Christmas Cat


Christmas Day! I have been noticing something mysterious:- my nativity figurines are moved, Mary lost her head, and some of my tree ribon had been pulled off. The culprit: - Maddie!

Merry Christmas!

Panasonic point 'n shoot, 1/10, f/3.3, 4.1mm, ISO 400.

Kevin also made his famous apple pie for our Boxing Day celebration with our neighbors.


Shot with Nikon D700, 1/250, f/6.3, 24mm, ISO 1250. Lens: 24 - 85mm. Bounce flash.