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2010 Challenge- A Photo A Day = The Beginning...

2010 Challenge- The Photo a Day Challenge - The Rules

This is not an original idea. But what the heck, I am going to do it anyway. The main reason is that I am so useless with New Year's Resolutions (I've never seem to actually accomplish anything), that I've decided to give the whole thing up, and do something that A) get's the old creative juices flowing, and B) get's me actually using my camera for just the fun of it.

Drumroll please. Introducing the 2010 Challenge - a photo a day.

The Rules:

1. Any digital camera can be used - from iPhone, point n shoot, to the fancy DSLRs

2. In order to qualify as a photo for that day :- The photo must have been taken on that day between 00:01 and 24:00 by you. Photos including self timers or remote firing can qualify as long as you are the person setting up the shot. Photos taken be other bodies - spouses, friends, strangers, relatives do not qualify.

3. You can take as many photos as you like on any subject BUT only one photo for that day can be selected.

4. Photo can be of any subject matter provided subject matter is publishable on a blog or social networking site  (- if photo subject requires subject releases make sure you get them) - use common sense and avoid subject matter that could give offense and make sure you follow the rules of content of your blog hosting or social networking site.

4. You must publish your log a minimum of once a week. The log must consist of 7 photos - one for each day. Include description of camera used, lens (if applicable) and information on apperture, shutter speed and ISO setting. You may include a title of each piece. Publishable forums include blogs, Facebook and other kinds of social networking sites. (Remember to read the rules of social networking sites as to who owns the rights of photos published on their site...)

5. Selected photo can be in color, B&W, sepia, or using any photoshop action. The photo itself must be taken on the date in question to qualify for that day.

6. Missed days - Thumbs down - Raspberry - Sometimes there may be unavoidable and life threatening circumstances where you can't take a photo. Well that means you get the Raspberry. If you miss 14 consecutive days - you are disqualified - sorry you have not made the challenge. If you miss more than 30 days (not necessarily consecutively in the 365 eligible days) then as long as you haven't met the disqualification criterion, give yourself a double Raspberry and make a donation to a charity of your choice.

7. At the end of the year you will have hopefully 365 photos. Hopefully you would have kept a log of each photo. If you want to describe the process, and how you found the challenge feel free.

8. Sorry no prizes for entering, and meeting the challenge. Just bask in the warm glow (hopefully free of too many Raspberries) of knowing that at least you've accomplished something for 2010. 

Good luck fellow photographers and generally creative peeps. Let me know how you are doing!



OMG, tempting!! I have already missed a couple of days though - most prominently due to a massive hangover... but let's draw a veil over that! Love the fact that your dad now has a blog, and you have my undying admiration for posting the ABBA video - I sing that song to myself every new year. Hope 2010 is a fabulous year for you & Kevin :)


Nice to chat with you the other night. If I can get my entire family blogging I'll be happy :-)

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