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South Africa Trip

Kevin and I returned from a wonderful 2 weeks in South Africa with an amazing amount of photos. Will post soon. Thanks to my friend Biddy in Johannesburg for opening her house (aka Hotel Biddy) for us, and loaning us a car to visit my gran. Thanks also to Biddy for organizing a gathering of the usual suspects. It was lovely seeing everyone. No one has changed, just propagated.

Thanks too to Adrian and Jackie for the use of their cottage in Fishhoek.

And lastly thanks to Jeanne and Nick for meeting us at Heathrow, drove us around London, and took us for lunch in Hammersmith.

Will post more on our trip, as well as photos. Watch this space...

And of course, no thank you note can be complete without thanking my wonderful Mom and Dad - thanks for organizing this, and acting as tour guides. You guys Rock!

PS While we were away couldn't believe the reports that Obama had won a Nobel- we actually thought that people had confused an Onion headline. And of course, the Balloon Boy story broke while we were there. Ah well.

Blizzard in Colorado

I decided to practice some risk avoidance, and stayed home today because the weather forecast predicted quite a dumping.

With a bit of clever (ha!) forethought, I arranged for a presentation that I was supposed to do via conference call - gotta love technology. It was kind of weird speaking to a group of people who you can't see.

It is still snowing! It has been snowing consistently since 9pm last night.

Gotta love Colorado. Here comes Winter!