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Nikon Poetry

Nikon Red Book
has the most amazing poetry...
"These lenses are as beautiful as the very deep sea.
These lenses are as strong as a rolling stone.
"In the early summer, Japanese rice field.
You can see the Ultra-Micro-Nikkor 55mm F2 in the air.
She is shining like a diamond.
This is the scenery of Japan usually."
"Ultra-Micro-Nikkor 55mm F2 Two of Us

The most useful Ultra-Micro-Nikkor is 55mm F2 lens.
This lens is excellent very much. Yes, Super fine lens.
If you have this lens you become happy.

God of light lives in this lens.
Therefore, you will become a happy mood if you have this lens.
Two lenses cause the beautiful light in afternoon reflected.
It is not a real fantasy.
You can make the great legend with this lens.

Ultra-Micro-Nikkor 55mm F2.
The Superb Lens, Grand High End, Super Resolution is this.
Nippon Kogaku Dreaming, 55mm F2 of Ultra-Micro-Nikkor.

Yes, you can make it.
And you can have it.
If you want."