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More Colorado Weather- June 9th, 2009

Approx 5:11pm just before the St Vrain's State Park exit on I-25 South I was heading home and ended up driving through the center of a very nasty storm.

Not a good idea. A definite oh Frak Moment.

I could see that I-25 was taking me into the center of the storm -  I could see a descending wall cloud, and then ...

Above me - dark green skies, circulating. Short gasping sucking cross wind spurts. And boy did it hail - I thought my windows were going to smash. I couldn't see above me, and I am glad I couldn't. I saw one van pull over and someone look up.

I got home in one piece.

The weather service issued tornado warnings for Erie

This is the second day in the last week when we have had severe weather that could have badly impacted Erie, and I haven't heard of any reports of Erie using its Tornado Siren. But wait, that's because Erie doesn't have a tornado siren. Oh, that's right. We were all going to be alerted by reverse 911. I am still waiting to get my reverse 911. Oh wait, they were going to put a tornado siren in the fire station... . Kevin was driving past Erie's Fire Station at the time of the warning, and no, we didn't hear any sign of a tornado siren.

What a bunch of D##@ bags!

Kevin got a nice rainbow photo.Sally-storm Rainbow_barn_blogsize_1610

Colorado Storms, June 7th, 2009

Yesterday after we had finished eating lunch at our favorite restaurant we heard Longmont's tornado siren.

Colorado had quite a bit of unexpected activity.

We immediately headed for the eastern plains. Very photogenic storm.
Storm1_5150 And there's moreStorm2_5157

We headed out eastwards on the toll road. Storm3_5185 Storm4_5195 We could see that something was causing this disturbance. Storm5_5213 Storm6_5218 Storm7_5238 Storm8_5253 Storm9_5263 Storm10_5279 5 Tornadoes were reported - one near Lafayette no more than 5 miles from where we live.