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Television Sofa Radish Round up.

This TV Sofa Radish has been a little lax with the blogging. (see above reference to one's natural state oh hum.)

Another season of American Idol is over. Hard to believe. I loved Adam, though he had better pipes, but was not surprised when the other guy won. Hell's Kitchen ended - I thought the girl was better. But it went to the guy. (see how lazy I am? I have long since forgotten their names!) Had the season finale of Greys Anatomy. I don't know what it is, but I really like that show. I think the writing is excellent, and I just get hooked in.

Summer is here. Sort of. We have been having a lot of rain, which is odd, as it never rains in Colorado. (Famous last words.) A sure sign of summer is this seasons "So You Think you Can Dance?" Can't wait.

The Nuggets (Denver's Basketball team) have astonished everyone by making it to the playoffs. They are currently playing the Lakers. I have been astonished with the improvement in the Nuggets. They are unrecognizable compared to last season or the season before. I think it is going to be a tough series. I don't think the Nuggets will win it, but sure hope so.

Memorial Day, 2009

It has been absolutely fabulous having a long weekend. Kevin and I shot a wedding on Saturday. And that meant we had 2 days to recover.
Happy Memorial Day everyone.

I for one, am enjoying being lazy (my natural state.) No. Reallly.