Texas Roadtrip - Part 1: Texas Wildflowers
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Texas Roadtrip - Part 2. Texas Painted Churches

See here for Texas Roadtrip Part 1 - Wildflowers.

We used Brenham as our base to explore Washington County for wildflowers, and other interesting treats - like Texas BBQ. We decided to take a break from wildflowers, and drive south from Brenham to Schulenburg to photograph the famous painted churches of the area. These churches were decorated by German and Czech immigrants who were homesick for the Fatherland. We didn't see all of them - just four.

The first church we stopped at was at High Hill. Decorated in a traditional European way. This church was Kevin's favorite.


The second church we visited was a church at Praha which was decorated by Czech immigrants, and my favorite.
I loved the theme and I thought that the plants depicted looked American/ New World instead of European.



The third church was at Dubina. We didn't have access to this church like with the others- it was gated, and Kevin and I had to contort to get our photographs. Decoration was predominantly blue with a noticeable use of stencil. Restoration of this occurred in 1983 as the original decor was painted over.



The fourth church was located at Ammansville - predominantly pink with almost all stenciling


And lastly this old church which is not on the Painted Church tour needs an honorable mention... even in ruin, if you peeked through the broken door you can see evidence of a piano.