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March 2009 Blizzard

Yesterday I stayed home and safe while a spring blizzard rolled in. I was glad I did. Conditions changed dramatically during the day leading to many stranded people. At 6am yesterday morning 2 inches of snow had fallen in Erie, and all was calm. In less than an hour all had changed with fast falling snow, and then the wind - kicking up the snowing, swirling, limiting visibility.

I took some photos out of our front window. We had enough snow that our neighbor across the street's boy could build a snow cave when the storm finally calmed.


And some more views... IMG_1911 After the storm, the following day... bright and blue skies. IMG_1914 Our small community was out and about doing the much needed shoveling and general digging out. IMG_1915 After a large dumping there is nothing nicer than going outside with one's snow shovel and take many breaks chatting to neighbors and hearing their stories. Snow clearing is hard work - and catching up with neighbors is the best part.