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March 2009 Blizzard

Yesterday I stayed home and safe while a spring blizzard rolled in. I was glad I did. Conditions changed dramatically during the day leading to many stranded people. At 6am yesterday morning 2 inches of snow had fallen in Erie, and all was calm. In less than an hour all had changed with fast falling snow, and then the wind - kicking up the snowing, swirling, limiting visibility.

I took some photos out of our front window. We had enough snow that our neighbor across the street's boy could build a snow cave when the storm finally calmed.


And some more views... IMG_1911 After the storm, the following day... bright and blue skies. IMG_1914 Our small community was out and about doing the much needed shoveling and general digging out. IMG_1915 After a large dumping there is nothing nicer than going outside with one's snow shovel and take many breaks chatting to neighbors and hearing their stories. Snow clearing is hard work - and catching up with neighbors is the best part.

American Idol

Kevin and I watched last night's AI results after spending the entire day snowed in during Colorado's Spring March Blizzard. I think the right person was sent home.

I think Adam is going to be a phenomenal contestant. I can't wait to see what he is going to do next week. I think the men are really strong this season. The only Diva-esque contestant is Lil' Rounds. And I don't think she chose a good song to show off her pipes.

Erie, CO and Porkulus

The Town of Erie's Mayor announced just recently that Erie CO is receiving money in Obama's Porkulus package.

Now ask yourself the question, what would Erie (a small prairie town) just east of Boulder need from Porkulus?

Erie is now, thanks to sprawling out of control development simply a dormitory town. Old Town Erie is all that remains of the soul of this small prairie mining town. The railroad is still jealously guarded by the railroad company, but the track is inoperable. Businesses that struggle to exist are really services and businesses in support of its dormitory status (supermarkets, restaurants, banks etc.)

So what would Erie need from Porkulus that would satisfy the act's core requirements of stabilizing the economy, providing more jobs, and stabilizing state and local governments?

A bike lane.

Let me repeat that in case you think I am joking.

The Town of Erie is getting approx. $733,000 in Porkulus money to build a bike lane both North and South on a road of approx 3 miles that links the I-25 to the town of Erie, and for the most part this road drives through farmer's fields. We worked out that the proposed bike lane at its current price tag would cost approx $733K for approximately 6 miles of road (for both North bound and South bound) at $122K per mile.

We are still waiting to hear what the brain trust that makes up Erie local government thinks that this is going to actually help Erie's local economy. Exactly how many jobs will this create? And will the jobs come from the local community? Will 3/4 of a million dollars help Erie taxpayers (who are facing increased taxes as a result of out of control development and "sprawl") from having to pay additional taxes?

You know, I just don't know. I think I need Erie's brain trust to explain this to me.

And politicians (of BOTH PARTIES) just because you can, doesn't mean you should.

Battlestar Galactica Series Finale

So last night was THE night for BSG series finale. I was filled with trepidation... I didn't want them to tie up every loose end, I wanted some of the mystery to remain. I think I need to watch it again. But here are my initial reactions:

1. I just Loved the way they managed to tie in the Opera House sequences, and really loved how Baltar and Caprica finally manage to get back together. I thought Baltar's speach to Cavil was SUPERB. Baltar's redemption!! The best line in the entire series was Cavil's quip... will you hurry up, 2 civilizations are waiting.. (or words to that effect.)

2. Starbuck and the mysterious melody mean escape to Earth 2.0. Very cool way to bring that in.

3. Chief freaking out when he finds out what Tory (bad Tory Bad!) did to that annoying Callie.

4. I thought there would be more made of the hybrids and Anders recognizing each other. I loved the "See you on the other side" scene between Anders and Starbuck.

5. The scene between Adama and Roslin - Amazing. I really loved when he slips his ring onto her hand at the end. Wow.

Here's what I didn't like:

The scenes on EArth 2.0 went on way too long. I would have liked to see more flash back montages from the days before the Fall. Also the idyllic way Earth 2.0 was portrayed really annoyed me. Yes it was beautiful and teeming with life, but there is a reason the natives carry large spears, and all the cute spring buck are someone's dinner. Given the darkness and the grittiness of this series, this overtly romantisized return to nature rap annoyed the crap out of me. And then the 250,000 years later scene - really heavy handed. That could've been edited down a little more - I do have an imagination, I can connect the dots.

The other scene I just hated was with Starbuck and Lee and she has a feeling her work is done here and then bam! she vanishes. Oh Come On!!!

Of course the best part are ChipSix and ChipBaltar! Only saving grace are the development of the "Angels".